October 2017

Celebrating our 3rd year with Hallmark a new Card plan has been introduced in our store that is specific to our customers choice of cards. More of the cards you want.


1 November 2014

New Hallmark & Yankee Candle Department

We are very proud to inform all of our customers that the new Hallmark & Yankee Candle department is completed and open for business. We now carry over 5000 Hallmark greeting cards with every category/group. The very popular Yankee Candle has also been expanded with a larger variety of candles and accessories.

Treasure Island Jewelers has expanded it lines of perfumes and colognes to over 300 different brand names.

In addition to jewelry repair we have also added watch repair. The only store on island that has a Professional Jeweler and Watchmaker.

Treasure Island Jewelers is the exclusive authorized dealer for Seiko Watches & Clocks, Pulsar Watches, Revlon Cosmetics, Yankee Candle and Hallmark for all of American Samoa.


Mar 2012

Swiss Jewelers Close Down

The economic crisis in American Samoa during 2008-2009 with the stock market crash really hurt the jewelry retail business. To make things even worse was the September 2009 Tsunami. Trying to recover proved to be very difficult if not impossible and caused several jewelry stores to close down. Most notable is Swiss Jewelers, one of the first jewelry stores on island and after 30 years in business closed it's doors.


29 Sept 2009

The Tsunami of American Samoa

This is a day that will never be forgotten. Treasure Island Jewelers and The Pink Polka Dot Clothing Store at the Pago Plaza were completely destroyed by the tsunami, a heartbreaking and a tragic event. Instead of rebuilding Treasure Island Jewelers will be increasing the size of it's store located at the Nu'uuli Place Shopping Center.


Samoa News "Business Beat" 1 September 2005

Treasure Island Jewelers Celebrates 8th Anniversary: by B. Chen-Fruen, SN Correspondent

Unique, Classic, Extraordinary.

This is the credo that has helped Treasure Island Jewelers grow from a small jewelry store to become the territory's largest retailer of fine fragrances and jewelry items, not to mention, the only locally "authorized" dealer for Seiko brand watches and clocks, Bulova Watches and Revlon Cosmetics.

And in celebrations of their 8th anniversary and the grand opening of their newly expanded Pago Plaza location. Treasure Island Jewelers is showing their gratitude by offering a special month long sale at both locations in the Pago Plaza and Nu'uuli Place Shopping Centers.

For the entire month of September, enjoy discounts of 10% and 20% on everything in the store. "This is our way of giving back to our customers," said business owner Ray Wyberski.

"We believe that every customer who walks into our store is an owner of our company because it is their support that has helped us throughout the years, resulting in our recent expansion, and the availability of more products," he added.

Wyberski is a 15 year US Army veteran who relocated to American Samoa 13 years ago and in 1998 opened Treasure Island Jewelers at the Pago Plaza - followed in 2002, by a second location at the Nu'uuli Place Shopping Center.

Wyberski describes their business success as "balanced," explaining that when Treasure Island Jewelers first opened its doors they only sold jewelry items but as they began to gain a favorable customer base, they decided to expand their services to include the sale of genuine fragrances and colognes. "All our items are authentic and people should understand that we only sell the real thing," Wyberski said. In addition to their products, Treasure Island Jewelers also specializes in watch and jewelry repair, replacing watch batteries, and they also perform ear piercing.

Their jeweler is also a goldsmith who can design any custom jewelry piece to your liking. As a matter of fact, don't throw away any old jewelry pieces as according to Wyberski, they can take all your old jewelry items, melt them down, and create a new custom piece, hence their slogan, "Treasures that Last Forever."

And if by chance Treasure Island Jewelers just doesn't have that specific item you are looking for, stop by and see them about special ordering 18kt, 22kt, 24kt, and platinum pieces, including certified diamonds that are identified by serial numbers.

Most of the special order items are engagement and wedding sets and according to Wyberski, any diamond piece specially ordered by them can be returned at a later date and upgraded to a bigger, more expensive piece, with the customer only being required to pay the difference in the upgrade.

His wife Edda, who has been certified as a jeweler by the local Board of Tradesman Examiners, is clearly the face of the company. Her carefree personality and friendly customer service is what has drawn a lot of people through their doors. It is her creative mind and exquisite taste, evident in the display and showcases of items, that has gained positive reviews from local residents who either pass by the store or stop in to browse.

Treasure Island Jewelers is very nice. Their jewelry items are neatly displayed and even if you don't have money to spend, you still feel the urge to go in and browse because of the attractive setting, raved local customer Ms. Ruta. Edda remarked, "We want the customer to feel comfortable when they enter through our doors because everything we do, we do for them and with them in mind."

As a matter of fact, customer service is so important to the Wyberski's, that all of their staff members are required to study and read and entire binder entitled, Professional Jeweler: Entry Level program for new hires. "We want our staff to be able to recognize authentic diamond pieces, in addition to knowing the difference when it comes to the different types of pearls and stones," Wyberski said. In addition to all that, we want them to know the importance of interacting with the customer and being able to provide friendly service," Edda added.

With the expansion of their Pago Plaza location, the Wyberski's have began filling the shelves with items including Seiko clocks and watches, black pearl brooches, and jade pieces, as they enter their busiest shopping season of the year, Christmas. From baby jewelry to sterling silver items, Treasure Island Jewelers boasts the convenience of "Having a little something for everyone of all ages."

So if you're looking for the largest selection of jewelry and fragrances, check out Treasure Island Jewelers because the sale ends September 30th. Visit them on their web-site at www.treasureislandjewelers.com, or stop by the Pago Plaza between 8am-4:30pm, or Nu'uuli Place between 9am-5pm. Or call them at 699-5190.

Treasure Island Jewelers - for Treasures the last Forever!


Oct 2002

Treasure Island Jewelers bought out Royal Jewelers located at the Nu'uuli Place Shopping Center. The Royal Jewelers name will be changed to Treasure Island Jewelers making it their second location in American Samoa.


Sept 1998

Treasure Island Jewelers has it's Grand Opening at the Pago Plaza Shopping Center. A fresh new jewelry store unlike any other jewelry store on island. In addition to traditional 14k Jewelry they will also have the largest selection of perfumes and colognes in American Samoa.